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Stuyvesant Square

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Public square created from the old Stuyvesant farm

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Gramercy
Parks and Gardens, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Gathering Place

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Meryl Stoller

Stuyvesant Park was deeded to the city by the Stuyvesant family with the condition that it remain as originally defined. It is the last remaining open space of what was the orginal Stuyvesant farm at the time the city was settled by the Dutch. Lastly, but not least, the existence of this park and the historical buildings surrounding it gave rise to the nomination and establishment of a historic district surrounding it.

We need all the small open park spaces that remain in the city, even more so in Manhattan where the density of buildings is so great. It is a piece of history as well and remarkable in the fact of the deed that anticipated the mania for development that has taken over society today.

The physical details of the place matter significantly. Fortunately the park cannot change much, given the conditions of the deed. (August, 2006)

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