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Atlantic Basin Piers

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Where many Puerto Ricans disembarked in NYC from 1906 to 1928

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Red Hook
Infrastructure, Historic Site & Museum

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Jose Mendez

Main port of entry for early Puerto Rican migrants sailing on the vessels of the "NEW YORK & PORTO RICO STEAMSHIP COMPANY" (aka, PORTO RICO LINE) during the years 1906 to 1928.

This was ground zero for the early Puerto Rican pioneers that came to the United States after the Spanish American War and WWI. The immediate area surrounding the piers on Columbia & Union Street were settled by Puerto Rican migrants before moving out to other areas of NYC such as Williamsburg, Manhattan & the Bronx. The pier was the "Plymouth Rock" of the early Puerto Rican migration.

Unfortunately, the area has been developed twice and the exact location has been razed. However, with the development of the new Terminal, perhaps a plaque can be placed indicating the historical & cultural value of the area to Puerto Ricans. (June 2008)

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