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Sheepshead Bay Footbridge

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Pedestrian bridge connecting Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Sheepshead Bay
Roadway/ Sidewalk, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Transportation

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First constructed in 1880, the footbridge over Sheepshead Bay is one of the rare bridges in New York that does not allow cars. The current bridge, built in the 1930s, is both a well-trodden thoroughfare connecting the neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay with Manhattan Beach, and a destination in itself, a place to stop, linger, and fish. A recreational outlet for the middle-class residential neighborhood that exists there today, it is also a remnant of the days when the area was a well-known resort community.

Austin Corbin, a railroad tycoon and banker, was responsible for the first Sheepshead Bay footbridge. "The Donald Trump of his time," according to Sheepshead Bay historian Brian Merlis, Corbin proposed a connection from his property on Manhattan Beach, where he operated the grand Manhattan Beach Hotel, to the mainland. Corbin's Manhattan Beach Company built a simple wooden drawbridge in 1880.

At the time, Sheepshead Bay and...

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First constructed in 1880 at Ocean Avenue and reconstructed in 1930, the footbridge is a "local landmark" and important feature in the historic character of Sheepshead Bay. Long time fishing spot on the footbridge.

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