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Sheep Meadow, Central Park

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Sprawling lawn in Central Park, site of important events and general recreation

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Central Park
Open Space, Gathering Place

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Dana DuGan

I first spent time there in my early teens and later learned to love it as an adult. It was a place from which to view Fifth Avenues architectural changes and a spot to people watch in the summer. I used to feel like I was in the country alone when it snowed in the winter and it was a clean green patch that I considered my backyard for many years. James Taylor, in the mid 1970s, used to play there before it was closed down and reseeded. It is good for Frisbee games, watching the Kentucky Derby on a portable TV while lying in the sun or sitting with my best friend and talking the afternoon away. The view. The serenity. The green.

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