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Shaheen's Foods and Sweets

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Indian and Pakistani sweet shop

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Jackson Heights
Commercial, Food & Drink

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Before the partition of India and Pakistan in 1949, Abdul Hamid ran a roadside sweet stand in the town of Qudian, India. In the years that followed, he opened a pharmacy. In 1968, he fled to America to escape religious persecution against his Muslim sect, and his family followed shortly thereafter. While working in Queens as a security guard, Abdul Hamid remembered that he knew how to make Indian sweets, and he and his wife began to make sugary confections at home for local parties and shops. His son Tariq Hamid, who now runs the business, recalls coming home from school to the hubbub of sweet-making in the family kitchen.

When Shaheen Sweets opened in 1973, it was the first Indian and Pakistani sweet shop in New York, and, along with an appliance store and a sari shop, one of the first South Asian businesses in what is now a...

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Nominated through City Lore's People's Hall of Fame.

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