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Saint George Theater

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Historic Staten Island theater

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Borough : Staten Island
Neighborhood : St. George
Theater, Performance

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Saint George Theatre


Stephanie Gilmore

The St. George Theater, located just two blocks from the Staten Island Ferry, is a 1929 Spanish Baroque movie palace, and Staten Island's last remaining movie palace. The restoration and reopening of the St. George is the cornerstone in the revitalization of the community of St. George, Staten Island. This was the crown jewel of Staten Island theaters (at one point there were more than 20). It was designed and built to be the most opulent movie palace/music hall ever built on Staten Island, and the Isle Theatrical Co. succeeded. Most Islanders grew up going to the St. George and have fond memories of the afternoons they spent there.

Susan Katz

Magnificent performance space that needs to be restored and used

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