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Arthur Avenue Retail Market

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This indoor market in the "Little Italy of the Bronx" houses more than a dozen merchants

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : East Tremont
Market, Food & Drink

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In the mid-1930s New York City's streets had over 50,000 pushcart vendors doing business. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia decided to construct some indoor markets throughout the City to house some of these vendors. One of them was in the Italian neighborhood of Belmont, the "Little Italy of the Bronx." The Arthur Avenue Retail Market opened on October 29th, 1940 and had 117 stalls for vendors and merchants.

Though the market went through a rough period in the 1960s and 1970s (as did the Bronx as a whole), in the 1980s the merchants in the market organized into a co-op and renovated the interior and exterior of the market. Over a dozen merchants currently reside in the market including Joe Liberatore's Garden of Plenty, Peter's Meat Market and Mike's Deli, a two-generation family-owned business which sells the finest quality homemade antipasti, breads, meats, pasta, and imported cheeses.

The Market, which is one...

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Arthur Avenue Little Italy Merchants


Unique and distinct alcove in the Bronx--all run by families and everyone's connected. Physically, the buildings look like an oasis. The buildings are low compared to the rest of the Bronx.


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