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Roger's Garden (former)

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A real neighborhood deli

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Lower East Side
Commercial, Food & Drink

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Editors note: Roger's Garden closed in 2010 due to changing neighborhood demographics and declining business


Catherine Fletcher

A real neighborhood deli, Roger's has been a great place for a grilled cheese or turkey sandwich, coffee, and conversation. Or a visit with an amiable pussycat. The staff at Roger's know you when they see you and ask after you when you haven't been in in awhile. In a neighborhood that has become increasingly expensive over the past few years, Roger's is a place where they still remember who you are and can still get a sandwich for $5. The register and the deli counter to the left of the door make it easy to both make purchases and to get in and out quickly. I hear the rent is going up, and they're having trouble making ends meet. The northeast corner of 1st and 1st wouldn't look the same without its awning. And where would residents stand when it starts raining? (Feb. 2010)

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