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Parkway Village

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Built as housing for United Nations staff

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Kew Gardens
Residential, Housing

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The colonial revival homes of this lovely 37-acre residential development--bordered by Main Street, Union Turnpike, 150th Street, Goethals Avenue, Parsons Boulevard, and the Grand Central Parkway--were one of New York City's first integrated housing developments. Opening in 1947, it was built to house United Nations employees, but others were quickly allowed in. Figures like Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Ralph Bunche, an African American U.N. leader, civil rights leader Roy Wilkins, and famed feminist Betty Friedan all lived there in the early 1950s. One hundred and ten two-story buildings mix with the more than 1,800 trees on the landscaped grounds and provide 685 apartments. The buildings, although apartments, are not laid out on a grid pattern but, as in a suburban "garden city" plan, with plenty of open green space. Parkway Village represented the rarely attained vision of a harmonious multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural community.

Parkway Village opened in 1947 as one...

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Judith Guttman

The decision to create Parkway Village as housing for United Nations staff helped solidify the building of the United Nations in New York, as opposed to another more financially stable city.

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