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Park West Village

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Large housing complex, built as 1950s urban renewal project

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Upper West Side
Residential, Housing

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PVW Tenant's Association


Jean Golden

This middle class development of seven buildings represents an excellent example of the creation of a livable environment as a solution to urban blight.

Park West Village is being overtaken by developers who have begun fractionalizing and demolishing the original land concept by superimposing new building which are being marketed as Columbus Village. Mega and/or destination stores are being included in the new building development, which will create undue traffic and noise in our residential area and will interfere with the safety of the children who attend the neighborhood elementary school.

The physical details which matter are the land spacings and/or the open areas between the seven buildings which are used for playgrounds, parking, and gardens. Such open areas enhance the quality of life by controlling population density, providing green spaces for better air quality and recreation, and reducing noise pollution. (May 2008)

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