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Office of Manhattan Community Board 9 (former)

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A community destination since 1806

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Manhattanville
Institution, Gathering Place

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Eric Washington

The CB9 office provides the official forum for the airing of pressing community issues. By coincidence, it is located on the exact site of one of Manhattanville's first structures, built in 1806 when the town was founded: Crawford's Tavern. The sale of Harlem's common lands was negotiated at Crawford's around 1816. By the mid-19th century, the tavern was known as Illion's Hotel and was the community's central polling place. The CB9 office sustains the use of this site for almost two centuries as an important community destination.

The office is also located at the corner of Manhattanville's most historic crossroads: Manhattan Street (now 125th Street) and the Bloomingdale Road (now Old Broadway).

The CB9 office occupies the ground floor of an apartment building, whose imminent conversion to a cooperative may force the space to be ceded to commercial usage.

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