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New Yorker Hotel

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Art deco hotel in Midtown

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Midtown
Residential, Gathering Place

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Lindsay Johnson

This is where my family and I have spent many vacations. History says this was the grandest hotel of its time and had such dinner guests as John F. Kennedy. People such as Benny Goodman would play there and pack the house. I love this beautiful Art Deco structure in Manhattan.

I would never want the Ramada, which owns this building now, to do an "update" remodeling. I would like to keep this building close to its original design when repairing.

Sloan Schrage

This is the hotel Joe DiMaggio holed up in during the World Series and Nikola Tesla spent his final years. This is also the hotel my wife and I honeymooned at, and were stuck in, 37 stories high, the following year during the 2003 blackout.

I would miss the large letter "NEW YORKER" sign if it, for some reason, had to be taken down. The hotel has been part of the Midtown skyline for over 70 years now, and stood one block up from the old Penn Station when it was there, stood when the new Penn Station/Madison Square Garden complex opened in the late 60s, and will still be standing when the new Moynihan Station opens.

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