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New Brighton Village Hall

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Former center of governance, abandoned since 1968

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Borough : Staten Island
Neighborhood : New Brighton
Institution, Gathering Place

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New Brighton Village Hall was a historic village hall, built around 1871. James Whitford, an English-born architect, designed it as three-story brick building in the French Second Empire Style. New Brighton, in the North Shore are of Staten Island, was developed in in the mid 1800s as a village of country homes of prominent New Yorkers. Although the village system was the prominent governing system at the time, villages did not commonly build such municipal buildings. A rare relic, the New Brighton Village Hall was one of only two village halls on Staten Island.

After Staten Island's consolidation to New York City in 1989, the former village was used as a local court, a health insurance office, a youth activities office and a doctor’s office. Although designated a historic landmark by the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission in 1965, after a fire in 1969 the former village hall was vacated. Abandoned...

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Dick Dickenson

A citadel of local government in 19th century including courts and a police station. It was vacated in the 1960s.

Lenny Librizzi

The landmark New Brighton Village Hall was demolished several years ago due to neglect and abandonment by the former owners. A new senior housing building was erected in its place. The new building tries to mimc the mansard roof but falls short in terms of design and grandeur. (February 2012)

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