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Moondog's Corner

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Where this NYC street artist plied his trade

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Midtown
Roadway/ Sidewalk, Performance

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Managarm, Moondog's Publisher
Moondog Rising, a project of Eupraxia


Robert Scotto

I have just published the authorized biography of Louis Hardin (Moondog): "Moondog: The Viking of Sixth Avenue." I have been hoping for a long time now that New York City would honor one of its most famous sons with an official historical marker at the location where he stayed for so many years.

Moondog was one of New York City's most famous eccentrics, street artists, etc. Throughout the 1960s, his “traveling office” was permanently located on the east side of the Avenue of the Americas between 53rd and 54th Streets, known by all as “Moondog’s Corner.” He was filmed there, photographed there, interviewed there. His numerous albums through the thirty years he spent living on and off the streets of “his mother and father” reflect the music of our city: Moondog incorporated street sounds, street people and street performances. He became our most famous living icon, our most outrageous living legend. I think it is fitting he should be honored there.

I think that a dedication of “Moondog’s Corner” at 53/54rd and 6th, with a plaque or sculpture and street sign, would go a long way towards recognizing his contribution to New York City’s cultural richness and underscore the very real belief we have always had in the magic of diversity.

He has an international following and many remember him as a living landmark. A dedicatory plaque or statue, with a public ceremony, would be ideal.

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