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Monument Lot or Monument Triangle

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Former tomb of American Revolutionary War prisoners

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Vinegar Hill
Burial Site, Revolutionary War in NYC, Historic Site & Museum

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This small triangular site was the first monument and tomb for the many American Revolutionary War prisoners who died on British prison ships in Wallabout Bay. In 1808, their bodies were moved from burial along the East River shoreline to this site. The burial crypt and cornerstone were paid for by a public subscription campaign organized by the Tammany organization, and a ceremonial internment took place at the site. In the 1870s several caskets of bones were moved to the newly established Prison Ship Martyrs Memorial in Fort Greene Park.

Our thanks to Nicholas Evans Cato who submitted photos of the site, with this message: "These photos, taken in February 2006, show new construction underway on two properties located at the place known as Monument Lot or Monument Triangle. After recent archaeological excavation discovered that in fact all human remains seem to have been properly and completely removed to the...

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Otis Pratt Pearsall

Site of the first monument and tomb for the bones of as many as 11,000 bodies of Americans who died on the British prison ships anchored in Wallabout Bay during the Revolutionary War

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