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Masonic Hall

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Grand Lodge of the New York Masons

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Midtown South
Public Hall, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Gathering Place

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This site has been home to the Grand Lodge of the State of New York since 1870. The present building (1912) provides ritual spaces for Masonic lodges throughout New York State, each offering an elaborate interpretation of architectural styles.

Anna Simonse

I had walked by the Masonic Lodge many times before and finally had the opportunity to explore it when a friend was showing her fashion line inside the Grand Lodge. It was so perfectly preserved I felt like I had stepped back through time. The acoustics were excellent and the tiny plasterwork details were so impressive. Everything from the organ in the balcony to the leather seats seemed to be in pristine condition.

New Yorkers are lucky to have a place like this open for rent! Freemasonry may be known as the "quiet fraternity", however it is the oldest fraternal organization in the world.

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