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Almanac House

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Residence of folk revival musicians, the Almanac Singers

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Greenwich Village
Residential, Historic Site & Museum

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In the 1940s, New York City became a center for American folk music, and one of the movement's epicenters was this house in Greenwich Village, literally home in 1941 to the Almanac Singers. The Almanac Singers were a loose collective that at times included many of the folk revival's key participants: Woody Guthrie, Millard Lampell, Pete Seeger, Bess Lomax (sister of Alan Lomax), Lee Hays, Gordon Friesen, Agnes Cunningham, and others. Guthrie, Lampell, and Seeger lived in the house, with others passing through as well, and held performances--called hootenannies--there to help pay the rent.

New York in the 1940s was home to a number of well known southern folk musicians including Leadbelly, Aunt Molly Jackson, Sonny Terry, and Brownie McGee. Many young activists including Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger drew on folk styles for songs about unions and left wing politics. New York was where musicians could make their living,...

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Editor's Note: See also the Census listing for the house at 647 Hudson St., which housed members of the Almanac Singers in 1942.


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