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Manhattan Plaza

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Subsidized apartments for people in theater professions

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Clinton
Residential, Housing

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Manhattan Plaza is a subsidized housing project built in the 1970s. Under a unique arrangement, 70% of the buildings' 1689 apartments are reserved for people who work in the theater, with the rest set aside for various other Hell's Kitchen residents in need of good housing. Since opening, Manhattan Plaza has fostered a close-knit community that offers its residents many social opportunities as well as host of services including, notably, groundbreaking projects serving the elderly and those with AIDS.

Manhattan Plaza was originally conceived in the early 1970s as a middle class housing development designed to help revitalize Hell's Kitchen. The builders, Richard Ravitch and Irving Fischer, created a plan for two large apartment towers with a number of amenities such as security, recreational spaces, shops and tennis courts. Construction was halted, however, when the developers realized they would have to charge higher rents than they had first envisioned.


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Manhattan Plaza Tenants Association website


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Important for the diversity of function: partially subsidized housing for artists, along with a health and racket club.

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