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Mandolin Brothers

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Top-notch place to buy stringed instruments

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Borough : Staten Island
Neighborhood : West Brighton
Commercial, Great Places to Shop, Arts and Entertainment, Shopping

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By Brendan Garrone

In a modest, brown, nearly windowless building in the heart of Staten Island is a store which many consider to be the center of the American fretted instrument world. Mandolin Bros., located at 629 Forest Avenue in Staten Island is home to some of the world’s best guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and, of course, mandolins.

For the last 36 years, Mandolin Bros. has become the authority not only for the purchasing of vintage equipment but of appraising and buying for over 200,000 players and collectors. Moreover, the showroom has become widely known as, among other things, "The Best Guitar Store in New York" (New York Magazine). Having sold instruments to some of the top musicians of the 20th century (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison, among others) Mandolin Bros. has become a fixture in the New York City music scene, and a world authority in the appraising, buying,...

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The Vintage News - Catalog published by the Mandolin Bros.

Personal interview with owner Stan Jay and customer on April 6th, 2007

Collections of media quotes found in Mandolin Bros. 2006 Catalog

Music Trade, issue March, 1994

[posted, April 2007]

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Dave Knox

Mandolin Brothers is well known as one of the top vintage stringed instrument dealerships in the world. Every day musicians from around the world make the pilgrimage to Forest Ave., and those that can't make the trip often buy/sell/trade high end acoustic guitars by mail, phone, and internet.

This is arguably the best place to buy an acoustic guitar in the United State. Mandolin is rivalled only by George Gruhn in Nashville for having a deep and varied collection of high end instruments on hand. They'll also let you play 'em- not like a lot of stores. I've walked in off the street and spent hours amongst their collection of Gibsons, D'Angelico's, one of a kind Martins and other valuable guitars. Of course I've bought a few, but they never give anyone the hard sell. Any picker worth his/her salt is like a kid in a candy store at Mandolin's.

Mandolin Brothers seen from the street is little more than a plain stucco building, but once inside you sense it is a guitar and stringed instrument store like no other. Inside, owner Stan Jay presides over the most complete and extensive inventory of vintage guitars on the planet. I especially like walking between the various rooms and all their treasures. For info:

(February 2007)

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