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Lenox Lounge

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Historic jazz club, home of the famous Zebra Room

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Central Harlem
Theater, Performance

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By Nina Moffitt

The Lenox Lounge is an historic bar and jazz club in Harlem where you can drink, dine and hear straight-ahead jazz players, young and old, playing from swing to modern and bebop jazz in the famous "Zebra Room."

The Lenox Lounge

The Lenox Lounge is located on Lenox Avenue between 124th and 125th streets, right outside the 125th St. subway station. You can’t miss its name on the front of the building, in large block letters brightly illuminated at night. Standing outside, you can look through big glass windows into the front bar and see Harlem locals chatting and drinking after work. When you walk through the bar to the back, you will be asked to pay a cover ($10-20, depending on the day and performance) to enter the famous "Zebra Room" where live music is played nightly.

Push through the Zebra Room's early 1940s swinging glass-and-wood...

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[Posted, August 2007]

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Anonymous Nominator

Legendary jazz club, a favorite of Billie Holliday.

Kelley Loftus

For me, the Lenox Lounge remains an important, pricelss touchstone, with my love of Jazz and with so many of the clubs gone and often forgotten. One doesn't need to love music to revel in the beauty and style of the Lounge - but that certainly doesn't distract from the experience. Its loving restoration has kept it true to its old self. To alter the Lounge would be a tragedy when so many things have gone the way of corporate box stores. The quality and craft reflect pride and connection with Harlem's history. (March 2008)

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