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Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church

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Church notable for its efforts in the anti-slavery movement, supporting women in the ministry, and on behalf of working people and immigrants

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Fort Greene
Institution, Highlights in Central Brooklyn, African/ American, Place of Worship

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Founded in 1857, the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church has a long tradition of social activism and community service. Still housed in its original 1861-62 Romanesque Revival building, the church offers space to a myriad of local organizations and plays a leadership role in many important local and national social justice issues.

Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church was originally called the Park Presbyterian Church and was located in a building at De Kalb and Carlton Avenues. Just three years after the church's founding, the well-known abolitionist Theodore L. Cuyler became its pastor and the church began a long period of growth and expansion. During Cuyler's 30-year tenure the congregation grew to over 2000 and the church became known for its leadership in the temperance and abolition movements.

Early during Reverend Cuyler's ministry the church built its current home--a distinctive Romanesque Revival structure with an austere rectilinear profile. Faced in stone, rather than...

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Notable for early activity in the anti-slavery movement, for its support of women in the ministry, its efforts on behalf of working people and immigrants, and for its ongoing contributions to the cultural life of the Fort Greene community.

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