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Kossar's Bialys

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Oldest Bialy Bakery in the United States

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Lower East Side
Commercial, Food & Drink

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Kossar's Bialys (Kossar's Bialystoker Kuchen Bakery) is the oldest bialy bakery in the United States, and has been handcrafting its bialys, bulkas, pletzels and sesame sticks for over 75 years. The bialy gets its name from the "Bialystoker Kuchen" of Bia?ystok, Poland (at the time under Russian occupation). Russian Jewish bakers who arrived in New York City in the late 19th century and early 20th century made an industry out of their recipe for the mainstay bread rolls baked in every household. Kossar's Bialys, known as Mirsky and Kossar's when Isadore Mirsky and Morris Kossar founded it in 1936, is one of the few remnants of what was once its own industry in New York City with its own union association, the Bialy Bakers Association, Inc.

Originally located on Clinton Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side, Kossar's Bialys moved to its current location at Grand and Essex Streets in the...

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Hanna Griff

Good bialys, yummy onion boards and sticks! (May 2011)

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