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Kingsbridge Armory

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A mammoth Armory in the Bronx, now vacant

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : Kingsbridge Heights
Infrastructure, Historic Site & Museum

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The Kingsbridge Armory has lorded over the Bronx since 1917. In recent years, the looming, vacant structure has been the subject of much debate over its reuse.

The armory, originally known as the Eighth Coastal Artillery Armory, was designed by the architects Pilcher & Tachau, based on a mid-nineteenth century reconstruction of a medieval castle at Pierrefonds, France. The massive building, with its vaulted trusses and detailed brick exterior walls, covers an entire city block. The armory features what was once the world’s largest drill hall, 300 by 600 feet (a feat of engineering inspired by nineteenth century train sheds), as well as an eight hundred seat theater. Reputedly the world’s largest armory, it was constructed between 1912 and 1917. The early twentieth century saw the construction of a number of armories, with war looming in Europe and the threat of strikes and riots at home. The last military use...

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Alan Ettman

A large, castle-like structure that is a known point of interest throughout Kingsbridge and Fordham. Its domed roof and minarets are visible from sites along the Grand Concourse, Jerome Park Reservoir and from Riverdale.

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