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Jewish Daily Forward Building (former)

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Headquarters of Jewish newspaper, built in 1912

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Lower East Side
Open Space, Residential

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"Place and Time: When History Becomes an Asset," article in the Jewish Daily Forward Online


William Stern

The Forward Building was built in 1912 as the editorial and printing site for a remarkable daily paper, edited by Abraham Cahn, and serving as the voice of the Jewish immigrant working people who were devoted to democratic socialist ideals and organizing unions for their economic security. The paper was a dynamic social institution aside from being a great journal in the Yiddish language. Among its services was to lower a large screen on the face of the building on Election Day to keep the people informed on what was happening in the polling places and the results of the election as soon as they were revealed. It drew thousands of viewers. Although this building was sold in 1974 to a Chinese Christian church its historic significance must not be forgotten.

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