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Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater (former)

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Off-Broadway company that performed classic works of drama

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Village
Theater, Shopping

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For ten months of every year, the Jean Cocteau Repertory Company brings the great plays of dramatic literature to life in a historic cast-iron building on the Bowery. The cast and the audience of each play--it could be a work by Euripedes, say, or Beckett--is a crew of regulars as faithful as any barfly. Starry-eyed tourists are as welcome here as they are on Broadway, but they'll no doubt sit shoulder-to-shoulder with old-timers and devotees. This being New York City, the regulars are no small bunch. The company estimates that about 25,000 patrons come to its shows each season.

Eve Adamson founded the company in 1971, amidst the off-off Broadway movement, in a storefront on nearby Bond Street. The company is named with the well-known French playwright and director Jean Cocteau's philosophy in mind, aiming for a "poetry of the theatre" that creates a complete experience of theatergoing by melding...

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Few experiences in New York City make me feel more a part of a tight-knit community than this. The resident actors appear in all the company's plays, and once you become a regular you start to get to know them.

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