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Hope Gardens Project

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A housing project that women and minorities helped build

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Bushwick
Residential, Housing

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Juanita Mohammed

I started as a receptionist with Black and Latino Construction, a group to get minorities jobs on the site, we got six women jobs as laborers, two in carpentry and labor unions. I became site coordinator in charge of placement of minorities.

Adam Schwartz

This is the last major housing project built in the United States. It was built in a ground breaking low rise design that respects streets and local culture, rather than dominating residents and neighborhood. Although it was the last of its kind, it is still regarded as the most sucessful housing project in the city today.

Think of what kind of 20-story monstrosity could be taking up this place, had not cooler heads and community dialogue come up with this brilliant compromise.

Hope Gardens is spread in 3 phases, covering a large multi-block area once dogged by blight and abandoned lots. (April 2008)

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