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High Line (formerly High Line Elevated Railroad)

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Manhattan's first and only elevated all-freight rail service, now an innovative park

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Chelsea
Infrastructure, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Recreation, Play

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The High Line is the elevated portion of the West Side Rail Line,which ran for 13 miles from Spuyten Duyvil in northern Manhattan to its terminus on Spring Street. This was Manhattan's first and only all-freight rail service, and was key to industrial businesses along the Hudson, particularly in the meat packing district. Several structures were built in conjunction with the High Line, designed so that the tracks could run through floors with loading platforms. Many other companies had private "sidings" for efficient loading outside the buildings' second floors.

When completed, the High Line was considered a major engineering and planning achievement for the city. Today, its future is uncertain as Manhattan's industrial areas give way to more gentrified uses. As an infrastructure artifact, the High Line is a window onto New York's fading industrial past.

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NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation
The High Line


Joshua David (Friends of the High Line)

The High Line reminds us of Chelsea's past as a manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping community.

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