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Garment Center Capitol Buildings

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Loft buildings where the "new Garment District" was born

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Garment District
Manufacturing, Office

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When they were built in 1921, the Garment Center Capitol Buildings, a pair of buildings at 498 and 500 7th Ave., heralded the move of New York's flourishing garment industry uptown to the district where it has remained ever since. New York City's continued hold on the fashion industry has preserved a symbiotic relationship between fashion design and manufacturing, which take place on the same city blocks in the heart of Midtown. At this point in time, though, the Garment District faces new development pressures. Although designers like Patricia Underwood still retain their facilities in the buildings, newcomers like the Bates USA advertising agency have moved in as well.

The Garment Center Capitol Buildings included enough modern amenities to lure almost the entire garment industry uptown--notably electricity, light, and ample space that most garment factories had lacked before. When the ready-made clothing business first began to grow in the 19th...

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Nominated through the Garment Center Community Focus Project

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