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Gage and Tollner (former)

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Brooklyn's oldest restaurant until its close in 2004

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Downtown
Commercial, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Food & Drink

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Established in 1879, and located on Fulton Street since 1882, Gage & Tollner was Brooklyn’s oldest restaurant until its 2004 closing. A designated interior and exterior landmark, the restaurant's mahogany wainscoting, original gas light fixtures and brocade curtains reflect its longevity and gave diners a taste of old Brooklyn.


Sabina Battista

This "old-looking" American restaurant and diner is the oldest one in Brooklyn. It has been around for 115 years. [Closed in 2004.]

Martha Perlin

The gas lighting was preserved there. When you are there you are transported into another era. I have not seen it as an Arby's so I am not sure what has been changed. (February 2010)

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