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Gaelic Park

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Sports arena and gathering place enjoyed by Irish immigrants

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : Kingsbridge
Parks and Gardens, Play

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By Deenah Vollmer

Gaelic Park ties Irish Americans to their cultural history. Located in the Kingsbridge neighborhood of the northeast Bronx, Gaelic Park is a gathering place for Irish immigrants and Irish Americans. Serving as the Bronx home for the Gaelic Athletic Association of Greater New York (NY-GAA), the park still hosts Irish football and hurling matches every weekend. West of Broadway on the north side of 240th Street, near Manhattan College, the park features a playing field, dance hall, pub and restaurant, and for over 70 years has held sporting events, dances, weddings, meetings, political rallies, and concerts featuring both old and new Irish music.

"When you enter Gaelic Park you are neither in Ireland or America, but somewhere in between," writes doctoral student Sarah Ellen Brady. Brady, who is writing her thesis at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts on Gaelic Park's cultural significance to the Irish community...

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Pat Dooley

It is the only park of its kind in the U.S. where Irish sports are played. It's internationally known in the Irish community as a gathering place for immigrants for at least 50 years

Tom Treacy

I worked at Gaelic Park in the summers of 1970-1971 setting up and taking down I believe 12,000 folding chairs for concerts. During the summers I also policed the field on my hands and knees to clean up after concerts all for 5 dollars a day, but what really made the job worthwhile was working back stage the night of the concerts! With my tie-dyed Ballantine ale tee shirt, quite the night for a 13 year old! It's part of Irish New York history! (March 2010)

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