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Fort Defiance (site of)

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Major Revolutionary War battle site

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Red Hook
Burial Site, Revolutionary War in NYC, Historic Site & Museum

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"Ceremony To Highlight Red Hook’s Role in Revolutionary War"


John Burkard

Red Hook Lane was an old Indian route used by George Washington and American troops during the Revolutionary War on August 29, 1776. It led to Fort Defiance on Red Hook Point. It was here that Americans at Fort Defiance held back the British man-o-war Roebuck, and prevented the fleet's advance up the East River. Had they succeeded the American Army would have been completely surrounded, and could not have successfully withdrawn from Red Hook/Fulton Ferry to Manhattan. This was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. If not for this event, we probably would not be talking as Americans today.

Research positions this redoubt-type entrenchment near Beard Street, running east and west from Conover Street to Richards. It was located at the top of a large hill and covered most of the Red Hook peninsula. The original suggested site was water at the time and is now reclaimed land by using landfill during the construction of Atlantic Basin.

There is also a burial site along the old Red Hook Lane where two British officers and an American rifleman are buried.

John McGettrick

Revolutionary encampment on point of land adjacent to Pier 41. Red Hook residents feel strongly that this honorable early history should be recognized.

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