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First Presidential Mansion

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President George Washington's first NYC home (site of)

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Civic Center
Residential, Historic Site & Museum

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Chester Burger

President George Washington moved to his "Presidential mansion" here (then at 1 Cherry Street) one week before he was inaugurated at Broad & Wall Streets. He lived at this spot for 10 months, from April 23, 1789 to February 23, 1790. From here he moved to a new home and adjoining farm at what is now 39 Broadway. His first presidential mansion was demolished in 1856 when the street was widened. This was before the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Surely, the home of the first President of our country ought to be of historic interest.

To mark the spot, a rusty and now-dirty plaque was erected in 1899 on the Manhattan tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, by the Daughters of the American revolution. It can be seen behind a wire security fence. The century-old plaque deserves to be cleaned and protected against further deterioration. (December 2006)

Hardy Phippen

I believe the address of the Franklin Mansion, which was the first Presidental Mansion, was 3 Cherry Street, not No 1. Also, while the second home of President George Washington in NYC is mentioned, the McComb Mansion at 39 Broadway, there was a third building, built on the site of what is now the Hamilton Customs House and where the original Dutch and later English Fort was located and demolished to make way for this building, which was to be the Presidential Mansion. It was not finished before the Capital city was moved temporarily to Philadelphia, while a new Federal City was built on the banks of the Potomac. When completed it became the first NY State Governor's mansion, until the State Capital was moved to Albany in 1796. It then became a boarding house called the Elysian Fields and was torn down and replaced with townhouses in the early 1800s. The present Presidential Mansion was completed enough so that John Adams could move in before his term expired. Washington is the only President who did not live in the White House. (February 2007)

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