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Ferrara Bakery and Cafe

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Heaven in the Heart of Little Italy

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Little Italy
Commercial, Food & Drink

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Antonio Ferrara was both a businessman and an active community leader, his name appearing frequently throughout pages of Italian dailies. In 1892, he opened his café, Caffé A. Ferrara, at 195 Grand Street so that after theatre or the opera, he and his friends, the artisi, could relax over coffee and play the card game, skopa. Little Italy has always drawn celebrities and Enrico Caruso was one of the earliest. Caruso’s friendships in Little Italy included the Sisca family and banker Angela Legniti of Mulberry Street, and entertainers in Little Italy's music halls and nightclubs, such as Farfariello and Guglielmo Ricciardi, whose shows Caruso always enjoyed. Caruso thought the coffee at Ferrara’s marvelous but especially loved the cookies and cakes.

Many bakers who started at Ferrara's went on to start their own bakeries in later years. Former partner Enrico Scoppa and Nicola Alba each opened their pastry shops in Brooklyn....

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Hanna Griff

I love their coffee; it's so smooth! Their pastries and cheesecakes are delicious, and I love to end a meal there. (May 2011)

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