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Elmhurst Dairy

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Family-owned dairy since 1919 that bottles fresh NY milk

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Jamaica Center
Industrial, Food & Drink

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Ronnie Gavarian

This is one of the oldest continually operating dairies in New York, since 1919 I believe. This is the current address, but I somehow remember it being just off of Eliot Ave. in the Middle Village/Elmhurst section of Queens. My grandmother lived just off of Eliot Ave. and we used to walk down to the dairy. I would peer into the factory window and see the "glass" bottles of milk go by on a conveyor belt. I was fascinated by this. And the wonderful thing is that it still exists today.

I'm sure it has changed and become far more automated since then, but the fact that it has stood the test of time and remained in business is worth something, in my opinion. It has remained a neighborhood constant in this ever changing society. So little of what once was is still here. (July 2005)

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