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Eib's Pond

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A freshwater pond and bordering wetlands available for public enjoyment

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Borough : Staten Island
Neighborhood : Park Hill
Parks and Gardens, Gathering Place

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Information for this profile provided by New Yorkers for Parks and the Design Trust for Public Space.

Located in the northeastern section of Staten Island, Eib's Pond is New York City's largest kettle pond -- a depression created over 15,000 years ago in the wake of glacial retreat. Eib's Pond Park Preserve is a freshwater wetland that extends over seventeen acres, and the clay-bottomed pond (it's actually three ponds, two of which are connected by a small waterway) covers an impressive three acres.

The preserve is one of the most biologically abundant sites in the city. Black berries and gray birch grow throughout the area; cattail and bulrushes line the water's edge, rising several feet taller than most humans, and water lilies float gracefully on the pond's glassy surface. Snowy egrets, herons, red-winged black birds, large-mouth bass, painted turtles and muskrats all use the pond, and in June you can...

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Eibs Pond Park Preserve


Eizabeth Cooke Levy

The restoration of Eib's Pond Park had positive outcomes as an environmental restoration project, as a community building and stabilization project, as a teen work and skills development effort, and as a broader community education program.

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