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Dyker Beach Park

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Destination for kite enthusiasts, golfers and anyone who wants to get outside

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Dyker Heights
Parks and Gardens, Play

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Stretching along the Brooklyn edge of New York Harbor, Dyker Beach Park is the ideal place for kite enthusiasts to catch the Atlantic winds. For at least several decades, kite-flying families have gathered in the park to practice and teach each other how to fly kites. But in 1998, the Parks and Police Departments decided that kite flying posed a dangerous distraction to motorists on the adjacent Belt Parkway. As a result, “No Kite Flying” signs were posted throughout the park. Kite-flyers petitioned to allow their hobby in the park, and though they met little success, kites are still occasionally seen there.


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For years, a favorite kite-flying place for Brooklynites.

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