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Dyker Beach Golf Course and Park

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Recreational oasis in the city

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Dyker Heights
Parks and Gardens, Play

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Anonymous Nominator

This is a magical place. A place where you can forget that you're in the city. It is several miles in diameter. Recently a junior golf course was added. There is new life where once it was just "brush." The walking path is quite special as well. While walking, people can relax, get fit, clear their minds, or just enjoy their neighborhood. When you look at the golf course, you realize how lucky we are to live near this beautiful "heaven on earth." I recently started to get fit and healthy. I now walk around this golf course twice a day. While I walk, I put all the issues of the day on the back burner and just feel happy to be outdoors, near all this greenery, instead of the usual busy city setting we are accustomed to here in Brooklyn. So many Dyker Heights residents enjoy this park, golf course and walking path as I do! But when I walk at night, around 9 to 10pm, I often hear young people who have slit the chain link fence and have trespassed into the golf course, probably doing something they should not be doing in the dark.

The Dyker Beach Golf Course has undergone extensive renovations within the recent past. They have renovated the Dyker Heights Country Club on the course. They also added a beautiful outdoor gazebo for outdoor occasions like weddings. There is a dog park adjacent to this new country club, and I have been an animal lover for my entire life. But if this dog park were to be moved I know that the residences and the businesses nearby would be greatly improved. During the spring, summer and fall months the odor is so strong it literally takes your breath away.

(June 2011)

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