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Dominick's Restaurant

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Legendary Italian-American restaurant

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : East Tremont
Commercial, Food & Drink

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Arthur Avenue has long been considered New York City's true "little Italy," due to the neighborhood's abundance of charming cafes, authentic Italian eateries, and its cultural vitality. Dominic's Restaurant, located on Arthur Avenue, is unique among the many neighborhood restaurants for its friendly, no-frills, family-style atmosphere, where you'll "get to know your neighbor, whether you want to or not." Arthur Avenue today, while still home to a vibrant and tight-knit Italian-American population, is also host to thriving Latino and Albanian communities.


Tom Bobak

Dominic's is very unique and distinct. Physically the building looks like an oasis. The buildings in the area are low compared to the rest of the Bronx. (2001)

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