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DiPalo's Fine Foods

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Little Italy market offering fine foods and olive oil tastings

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Little Italy
Commercial, Food & Drink

Place Matters Profile

Place Matters Profile

In 1903, the great-grandfather of the current owner, Savino Di Palo, embarked on a journey that changed his life and the lives of the future generations of his family. Between 1880 and 1920, there was a mass emigration of Italians to the United States, and Savino made the decision to immigrate to this country. Upon doing so, this cheese-maker left behind his family, his farm, and all that he was accustomed to in the small mountain village of Montemelone, Basilicata, Italy. After settling in New York City’s Little Italy, he opened a latteria (dairy store) in 1910. It wasn’t until 1914 that his family finally joined him in the United States. Working together with his children, Savino inspired them to preserve the traditions of his homeland, Basilicata, Italy.

In 1925, Savino’s daughter, Concetta, after having just given birth to her second son, continued this tradition by opening...

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Hanna Griff

An amazing and aromatic shop of Italian cheeses, meats, olives, peppers and olive oil. My favorite snack thing is to go there for an olive oil tasting. They pour a little olive oil on some bread and tell you a great story about the oil: where it came from, why it's peppery or sweet, etc. Also nice, friendly employees. (May 2011)

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