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Declaration of Independence Reading Site

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Where George Washington stood as the Declaration was read to the American Army

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Civic Center
Open Space, Historic Site & Museum

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Chester Burger

About 100 feet east of City Hall's Broadway fence, there is a grassy area south of the parking spaces in a restricted area that is a most historic place. It is one of the more important places in the history of American independence.

"Near this spot, General George Washington stood as the Declaration of Independence was read and published to the American Army, July 9, 1776," reads the plaque which may have been put by the DAR. The Declaration of Independence, signed in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776, was (by agreement) not announced until July 9th, simultaneously in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, etc. General Washington assembled the new Army on the parade grounds here for the announcement.

The spot is currently isolated from public access. Somehow, access ought to be provided to the public, however controlled or limited the access might be. (December 2006)

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