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Corbin Building

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Renaissance Revival 19th century office building

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Financial District
Open Space, Historic Site & Museum

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Place Matters Profile

The Corbin Building was designed by Francis H. Kimball in 1888, and was named for Austin Corbin, the American entrepreneur who successfully, and profitably, consolidated Long Island’s rail lines under the aegis of the Long Island Rail Road. As of 2011, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which owns the Long Island Rail Road, is in the midst of constructing a new transit center around and below the Corbin Building. The new station, scheduled to open in 2014, will be a consolidating nucleus for twelve formerly disconnected subway lines. The project will include retail and office space, and as the result of a highly publicized early twenty-first century preservation battle, it will also include most of the historic fabric of the Corbin Building.

Kimball’s eight-story-and-penthouse Renaissance Revival edifice, located at the corner of Broadway and John Street, was considered a skyscraper when it was first completed. Towering over...

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Joe DeLauro

Corbin Building--downtown (13 John Street at Broadway). The city has a track record for building uninspired, purely functional transit complexes, such as the Wall St Ferry terminal and the Whitehall-Staten Island ferry terminal.

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