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Convent Avenue between 140th & 150th Streets

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Street with architectural, historic and cultural significance

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Hamilton Heights
Roadway/ Sidewalk, Historic Site & Museum

Place Matters Profile

Place Matters Profile

A walk down Convent Avenue in Harlem is a walk down one of the most beautiful streets in Manhattan. The street is notable for its tranquility and harmonious design. While the street immediately pleases the eye, a close study of the buildings along the street reveals high levels of historical significance. The charm of the street is felt in its strong dual identities as a walkable index of many different layers of New York City history and as a vital, active street in a vibrant neighborhood.

Convent Avenue lies mostly in Hamilton Heights on the west side of Harlem, between busier Amsterdam Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue. The street runs from 127th Street in central Harlem north to 152nd Street where it dives into St. Nicholas. The most famous stretch of the street lies from the northern edge of the Collegiate Gothic campus of the City College...

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Savona Bailey McClain

Architecturally, the buildings are magnificent; most have been beautifully kept or restored. The area is rich in immigrant history, Revolutionary War history, and turn-of-the-century development

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