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Conservatory Garden, Central Park

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A formally landscaped garden in the upper reaches of Central Park

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Central Park
Parks and Gardens, Play

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Susan S. (Cooper Union)

Behind the wisteria on the second level of the Conservatory Garden in upper Manhattan in the fall, when artists and jazz musicians gather together to sell their paintings and play music.

Theresa Sheehan (Cooper Union)

The Conservatory Garden is the only formal garden in Central Park. As you enter the ornate Vanderbilt Gates on Fifth Avenue, a vast green lawn is spread out before you. A calmness comes over you. Walk to the left and view the English-style garden with the small lily pond hidden from view. Stroll past the crabapple trees and sit on one of the benches; you might find that you're eavesdropping on a small wedding ceremony. Then meander to the other side of the Conservatory Garden, manicured in the French style. Refresh yourself by the fountain with the statue of three bronzed young women caught in motion, skirts swaying and picture yourself up there with them, linking hands and joining their circle

Laura Silver (Cooper Union)

The Conservatory Garden in East Harlem, when spring is just past the verge of bursting (and you are too). Breathe in the pink rain beneath the canopy of trees that make up the crabapple allees. If it's a weekday, stop in at Adelita's bodega on the north side of 104th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Madison, for a Spanish coffee. There's a pot of warm milk on one burner, waiting to slink into your coffee and remove any remnant of a winter chill.

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