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Coney Island

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Legendary seaside boardwalk, beach and center for entertainment

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Coney Island
Open Space, Play

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Place Matters Profile

Coney Island today comprises one hundred acres of beachfront, two miles of boardwalk, gaping lots where rides and amusements once flourished, and the lively ghosts of the millions who, for a hundred fifty years, came here for fun. These ghosts still beckon people to the faded honky-tonk kingdom that used to be called "the World's Playground."

Step off the subway into the light-filled, renovated Stillwell Avenue station, cross Surf Avenue, and you'll understand what historian Elliot Willensky meant when he said in the documentary Coney Island, "where land and water meet, wonderful things always happen." At the intersection of Stillwell and Surf, Nathan's announces itself with gaudy signs and a whiff of grease that mingles with the sea breeze. Turning left on Surf, you'll walk the dividing line between bedraggled urban renewal houses and rundown furniture stores and, across the street, all that's left of Coney's flash...

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Steve Zeitlin

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Samra Ajmal

Coney Island has beach, a Boardwalk with shops and fast- food restaurants, and amusement parks with various rides and arcades. Coney Island is known for its physical details. People come to Coney Island from all over the place, especially during the summer, to enjoy the beach, the amusement rides, and the food. There is a two mile Boardwalk which gives people access to a two mile long beach assisted by life guards and security (most of the time). Along the Boardwalk there are many shops such as to buy souvenirs and restaurants such as fast food ones. The amusement park that is now called Luna Park has a variety of rides for people, including a kiddie park for children. Two of the many rides that still remain today from throughout the history of Coney Island are the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone.

I reside in Coney Island, and am not much aware of any future plans for Coney Island, although I have heard two different things about what could be done. One of them was to break down everything Coney Island had such as the amusement park, and building condominiums. The second plan I heard was to renovate Coney Island and build more rides, to try to get present-day Coney Island to look like it used to be back in the early 1900s. I have seen Coney Island build more rides to try to improve the amusement park area. (November, 2012)

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