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Concourse Plaza Hotel (former)

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As the first hotel in the Bronx, hosted many significant events and celebrities

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : Concourse Village
Public Hall, Gathering Place

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Place Matters Profile

The Concourse Plaza Hotel once wined, dined, slept and bar mitzvahed the Bronx's luminaries. From the mid-century belle of the Grand Concourse it became the symbol of the borough's decay in the early 1970s. Today it is a city-owned residence for senior citizens and a reminder of a glamorous era in the Bronx's past.

Originally built in 1922, the Concourse Plaza Hotel elegantly complemented the Grand Concourse's stately apartment buildings. Overlooking Joyce Kilmer Park, the hotel was built across the street from the distinguished Bronx County Courthouse and near to Yankee Stadium. The Grand Concourse, designed in the late 1800s by Louis Aloys Risse and built between 1902 and 1909, was the Champs-Elysees of the Bronx. Shaded by trees, with traffic separated by wide lush medians, the 1939 WPA Guide to New York City called the concourse the "Park Avenue of middle-class Bronx residents."

The hotel was...

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Leone Turner

My husband & I were married at The Consourse Plaza on November 15, 1964. My Parents, Inlaws and Mel & I went there to speak with the person in charge. I cannot remember his name, however, I believe he was the brother of a Comedian.
After my Dad made arrangements for 90 people and Mel went to get the car, my Dad said "I WONDER WHAT IT WOULD COST TO HAVE EVERYONE. Everyone, 226 people. That was my DADDY! AMAZING & so loved by everyone. My parents made an amazing wedding for us. I still have the Menu etc. for our Wedding. And we did learn something. Do not ever take anything for nothing. They gave us a room for free, on the 10th floor and so hot. The Concourse Plaza and having our wedding was just amazing, I said at that time I would love if I had a daughter to have her get married there. Thinking back it was a stupid thing to say even if what happened to the Concourse Plaza did not happen. THE BRONX, nothing better than to grow up in THE BRONX in the 50's. Everything was so different back then.

(August 2015)

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