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Concord Baptist Church

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One of Brooklyn's largest African-American congregations

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Bedford- Stuyvesant
Institution, Highlights in Central Brooklyn, African/ American, Place of Worship

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Place Matters Profile

Brooklyn's Concord Baptist Church of Christ is the fourth largest Protestant congregation in the country and one of Brooklyn's largest African American churches. Founded over 150 years ago and housed in six different buildings during its history, the church has long played a central role in the political and social landscape of Bedford-Stuyvesant and beyond.


Started by abolitionists in 1847, Concord Baptist's first home was on Concord Street at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, giving it the name it has retained throughout its history. As the church's congregation grew it moved four more times--to nearby Canton Street, then to Duffield Street in downtown Brooklyn, then to Adelphi Street in what is now Fort Green, and finally to its current location in Bedford-Stuyvesant. This movement not only reflects a search for larger spaces, but also mirrors the movement of Brooklyn's African-American population from the waterfront that...

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