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Coffey Park

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Neighborhood park offering benches, basketball courts, handball courts, a baseball diamond and space for picnicking

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Red Hook
Parks and Gardens, Gathering Place

Place Matters Profile

Place Matters Profile

Coffey Park is a public park in Red Hook. Recently, the park has benefited from the organization of Friends of Coffey Park, as well as public art installations and movie screenings.


Elizabeth R. Eaddy (Red Hook Senior Center)

Its a beautiful park where the community comes together to have special affairs, cook-outs or just to sit and chat while admiring the lovely scenery of the park. Children enjoy playing in the grass, riding their bikes, using the swing sets, playing cards or just walking around the park.

Chanaia Curry

This is my favorite place and it looks professional because it has a kiddie section that looks safe. This park is a good replica of our community; it shows a positive view of Red Hook, which in general, needs better programs so we can understand people.

Norman Smith

I moved here in 1950. Kids were raised there; a playland.

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