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Model tenements built are an example of housing reform

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Yorkville
Residential, Housing

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Betty Cooper Wallerstein

An important Upper East Side landmark housing complex still occupied today, 100 years later. The City and Suburban Houses York Ave. Estate covers over 1 city block, including the 500 block of E. 79th street and York Avenue.

The largest low cost housing development in the world at the time of its construction in 1901, the project was completed in 1913. The buildings became the model for all large scale public housing post WWII. And remains an excellent example of reform housing.

Listed on the NY state list of historic landmarks. A group called The Coalition to Save City and Suburban Housing Inc, including MAS has saved the building and surrounding blocks from demolition.

(Before 2004)

Loretta V. Ponticello

The City & Suburban Homes York Avenue Estate is one of the most significant projects in the history of the reform housing movements in New York City. Built between 1901 and 1913, the 14 model tenements were planned and designed in response to the appalling conditions in which most of New Yorks working people were forced to live. The founders and early supporters, amongst others, include the Astor, Auchincloss, Bayard, Gould, Iselin, Morgon and Rockefeller families. The 14 buildings are a New York City Landmark and were placed on the New York State and the National Registers of Historic Places.

The Archive Room Project is made up of tenants whose love for the landmark encouraged them to propogate the legacy of their living treasure. The buildings owners have graciously given office space for the project to house the archives. Free tours are given three times a year by the Archive Volunteer Group. The Archive Office is only open to the public during these tours. (June 2006)

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