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Church of the Resurrection (site of)

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Ministry that led the revitalization of the Metro North Community area

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Harlem
Institution, Place of Worship

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Editors Note: Thank you to Christopher Bell for informing us that Church of the Resurrection was demolished in 2007. A new church is slated to go up on the site.

In 1960, the three storefront congregations of the East Harlem Protestant Parish (EHPP) united to form the Church of the Resurrection, in the heart of the neighborhood known as the Metro North Community. This Church represents the intertwined history of the EHPP and the grassroots tenant organizing movement that created Metro North in the 1960s. Working alongside residents of what was then one of the most notorious "slums" in the city, the ministry of the EHPP helped train and rally local tenants to protest the rats, fires, leaky roofs and unheated rooms that plagued the neighborhood--and ultimately transform the blocks north of Metropolitan Hospital into a model tenant-led neighborhood revitalization. This sort of socially-based, practical ministry typified the EHPP since its founding by a group of young seminary graduates in 1948.


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Norman Eddy

The Metro North Citizens Committee, a grassroots organizing movement created by the staff of the Church of the Resurrection, mobilized residents of what was then one of the most notorious slums in New York. It rallied and trained local tenants to protest the rats, fires, leaky roofs, and unheated apartments that for many had become the norm.

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