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Christmas House

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Every year, this house is extensively adorned with hand-made holiday decorations

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : Pelham Bay Gardens
Residential, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Gathering Place

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Every year, for the past 30 years, from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, the Garabedian family has decorated their home and property into a Winter Wonderland spectacle. Nearly one hundred figures make up the annual display, which is a combination of religious figures, Disney characters, Victorian-era characters, Christmas figures, ballroom dancers, and pop-culture icons. Their home, lit by more than 50,000 small lights at 37,000 volts, can be seen blocks away as one drives down Pelham Parkway.

It was Nellie Garabedian who started the tradition. Her daughter Ellie says the inspiration for the annual display is a family secret that they have never told to anyone. Ellie, along with her siblings, Gary and Linda, are all dressmakers by trade, and work at the family business Garabedian Trimming started by their grandfather. Family members carefully craft everything in the display by hand--the dolls (now made from fiberglass, but soon from easier-to-use...

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Christina Martinez

This display is beautifully displayed and will put anyone in a festive mood. Animated dolls and cheerful Christmas music light up the street. A lot of work is put into this project to create joy in anyone who sees this display.

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